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He had been rubbing the wipe on Clarice's wound for a while, so Bart figured that it had to be pretty sterile by now. The sounds of obvious discomfort coming from her didn't do a good job of reassuring him, though. He took a peek at the wound to see what progress he was doing, and immediately winced at the sight.

The wound was bubbling, which was a good sign since that meant that it was being cleaned. That didn't make it any more pleasant to look at, though. He groaned miserably as he looked on. He remembered that hurting like hell when he skinned his knee as a kid, so he didn't want to imagine the kind of sizzling hell that Clarice must be feeling.

"Okay, uh..." He tried to keep his composure, or at least what little of it hadn't already given way to near-crippling anxiety. "I think you might be ready for a bandage?"
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