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Lucilly had left, and still hadn’t come back. Kaitlyn was still conspicuously absent. There were still issues to be solved.

Everything was a mess.

Emma had wondered if it was good for Lucilly to find a buddy, or for them to start a search party. She was currently alone, and it didn’t seem safe. She’d left in a vague way, too, and they had no idea on where she was. The world was dangerous these days. She’d lost enough people to know that.

She wasn’t sure if now was the time to broach that question she’d been thinking about. Or whether there was a right way to broach it. It was a problem, and Emma wanted to see it dealt with. She needed everyone else’s thoughts on it, so that no one does anything rash.

That topic became more urgent when the announcements came back on. She hated the announcements. It was only bad news, of some kind or another. As Danya joked around, Emma tensed up, wondering what awful thing he was going to say this time.

Alongside everything else, it turned out Kaitlyn had lied to them.

It wasn’t a suicide. It was murder. Kaitlyn had killed Mia, in a particularly unpleasant way. She’d subjected her to a long, drawn out death, and for what? Supplies? Like what she did with Tessa’s body? Just injected her, took her things?

And they’d talked to her. Trusted her. Sure, Emma had found her suspicious, but still, there was an element of trust. Even let her have a weapon. Emma had dozed off with her in the room. And this entire time, she’d killed someone.

After the announcement, Emma was quiet. Yet, her features were tight and hard. Her arms and legs were shaking.

How. Dare. She.

After what seemed like both an eternity and yet not long enough, Amanda spoke up. Kaitlyn needed to be discussed. Emma couldn’t agree more. That was just one thing they needed to talk about.

“I agree,” she said. “There’s some other stuff we need to talk over, too, but… I feel like I should let you talk first.”

Even though she was still processing that information, one thing was clear to Emma. They needed a plan for things like this in the future. Kaitlyn was just acting suspicious around them, but what if it’s someone like Kimiko? Alvaro? Or even… those two? Those two had been on her mind for a while.

But it was good to let Amanda speak first. See what she had to say, you know? She could even be thinking the exact same thing she was.

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