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Nadia didn't want to believe it. She really didn't want to feel as surprised as she did then, but she was. Her mouth fell slightly open as she tightened the grip on the chair leg held out before her. Bridgette was just murdered, but that wasn't what was as surprising as the other variable. No, that's what really got Nadia.

Caedyn Miller actually killed someone. Caedyn "Fucking" Miller. She had moved up from the high school level of awful human beings to the electric chair level. Nadia should have been surprised that someone with as odious a personality as Caedyn would kill in this game- hell, she had figured it was likely back on the first day- but to see the bitch actually take the step into the role as killer was almost absurd.

Fortunately for her, Caedyn wasn't too far gone, and knew to run away instead of attempting to kill four people with just a broken bottle. Granted, Nadia was sure she could take her, but that would probably get one of the other girls here killed, and Nadia wasn't sure she wanted that on her conscience.

Nadia merely stared off in the direction Caedyn went as the other girls talked. It looked like Bryony had found a friend, and the other three were talking of helping one another. One of them asked about "them," referring to Nadia. Nadia didn't even look at the girl. She knew there was more to do right now than talk about alliances. She needed to think about her continued survival. There wasn't much to gain being in a large group, and Nadia had to think of what would help her in the long run. Going after Caedyn wouldn't help, and neither would surrounding herself with people she wasn't too familiar with. That's when she turned back to Bridgette.

Nadia quickly hurried over to where Bridgette's corpse lay. Caedyn had left Bridgette's bag here. She moved over to the bag and pulled it free from Bridgette's body. Keeping the chair leg in one hand, she opened the bag and started rifling through it. Out popped a bottle of water, a tin of crackers, and two energy bars. There was also a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste, which Nadia sorely needed after four days here.

"The rest is yours," she said to no one in particular.

She pushed Bridgette's bag in the direction of the other three. She started to transfer the items into her own bag. Food and water wasn't as useful as a good weapon, but it would at least prevent her from keeling over from dehydration or starvation. It wasn't like Bridgette was going to miss those items, and at the very least, some clear-headed people should get to use them while they still could.

"You may not be keen on me doing this," Nadia said to the group.

Nadia zipped up her bag and swung it over her shoulders. She turned to the other girls.

"But in case it wasn't clear, some people are determined to survive at any cost, so some compromises will have to be made."

Nadia gave a short wave.

"Best of luck to you guys."

Nadia then took off in the direction opposite of the way Caedyn left. Nadia wasn't sure where she was heading but she knew staying there or going after Caedyn weren't the best options. She didn't know if she could trust those girls, and Nadia couldn't guarantee she could actually beat Caedyn. No, if Nadia was going to survive, she's have to think objectively and know when to do the thing that may not be morally white.

At least, to a certain extent. Even Nadia had to know where lines had to be drawn.

((Nadia Riva continued in Lay My Purple On the Grass))
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