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She'd heard the cough, hadn't been able to think a response in time. Bit slow to the draw.

'Also I can't breathe...'

Good point. The coughing was second nature, but did Tina still need to? She made a number of disgusting noises to herself, under her breath. A fist over her mouth that she hocked and hacked into. No, no apparent need to cough.


It was a picturesque scene. Youthful, innocent, emotive, that sort of thing. Beautiful staging for a beautiful cast. Hence Tina's being out of frame. Something something the expanse of the wide lens something something shying away from a particular genesis anti-photogenic, so on. She watched them intently for maybe a second before remembering that was inappropriate. Awkward, impolite, creepy, words her Mom had used. She turned away.

Turns out Lily had been there the whole time she'd been dying. Tina certainly hadn't expected that.

Suddenly she wanted to say something. She didn't know what, nor for that matter how. Her vocal chords were hardly well worn, or even adequate.


She murmured something under her breath, eyes awkwardly looking for something to look at.
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