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Who is this sassy lost child
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"Oof!" Tina didn't get a chance to answer before Cristo was struck by Hurricane Abby and pinned back against the couch. He immediately set to patting her on the back out of instinct and habit. "Hey, don't cry, I'm fine... also I can't breathe..."

Was he still breathing? It felt like he was still breathing, or had been a moment ago. He hadn't ever considered whether you might continue to breathe in... Heaven? Purgatory? Surely Abby of all people wouldn't be consigned to purgatory, she'd go straight to Heaven if-

Wait, no. No no no no, had Kimiko-? She wouldn't have. She couldn't have.

Then again, a day or so ago (Had it been just a day? Longer? Did time exist in this place?) Cristo would have been fairly confident that most of his classmates wouldn't go around stabbing anyone.

Fear did things to people. It had kept him quiet for most of his life. It had ended his life, as far as he could tell. And Abby...

Well, she was here.

Cristóbal pressed his face into Abby's shoulder and tried not to think too hard about it.
"Art enriches the community, Steve, no less than a pulsing fire hose, or a fireman beating down a blazing door. So what if we're drawing a nude man? So what if all we ever draw is a nude man, or the same nude man over and over in all sorts of provocative positions? Context, not content! Process, not subject! Don't be so gauche, Steve, it's beneath you."

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