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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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If she was thinking things through, she'd have a lot of questions about this. This wasn't what she figured Heaven would look like, and she didn't expect to just wake up there. There didn't seem to be any angels, or any clouds, or passed family members waiting to be reunited. Instead, it looked a lot like a resort, and if she was thinking more clearly that might be something to plop down and think about.

Instead, she was running as fast as she could towards the boy on the couch who looked a lot like Cristo. It was Cristo, definitely, he didn't just look like him. She didn't care if she was dreaming or dead or hallucinating or whatever, because after all this she just wanted to enjoy what was happening for a little bit. She flew into him and wrapped her arms tighter around him than she ever had before. They crashed into the back of the couch with her tear-stained face buried into his chest. "You're okay, thank God you're okay, you're okay..."
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