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Noah seemed okay! That was an incredibly huge relief. She would have simply felt awful had he been actually hurt. It was probably her fault though. She had mentioned Tara, and, and the body was just awful. Maybe she didn't want someone to tell her if she was right or wrong about it.

She smiled at Noah's joke. It was probably really embarrassing to faint like that. Hannah would be anyway. Or she thought she would. It was possible that she wouldn't care as much now. There were so many bigger issues to be worried about, like where her friends were, and if some evil wretch was going to try and kill her.

She awkwardly changed from kneeling to sitting. They could just sit for a moment, so Noah to recover. Plus she could stay off her ankle for a moment. It almost felt normal now that it didn't have any weight on it.

"Hey umm, I'm really sorry."

She hadn't meant for him to faint. Not at all. Plus she wasn't sure what else to say. It's not like she could mention the body again after that.
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