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((Maria Cucinotta continued from Hang In There))

After Maria had left behind her only ally, which she was deeply regretting now as she had reacted irrationally. There was no way she could go back and apologize to Michael. They had both in the wrong. They had been taunting a murderer. Torturing him in a way that had made her uncomfortable. And she had run away like a fucking coward because she couldn't handle it any more.


She was tired and her legs were ready to collapse under her. She really needed to find somewhere where she could rest for a while. Just a little nap. And then she could continue on to wherever the hell she was going. She had no idea. She had to think of what to do after she had rested. Now she just needed to find a room to get some privacy.

She noticed a storage closet. She then hoped that she could find anything useful in there.

She opened the door and she took a step inside.
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