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They finished laughing. And Vanessa stepped back and it was cool for a second until that question.

Kaitlyn froze.

"...Is some kind of joke, Vanessa?"

The tension started in her jaw and worked its way out from there. Vanessa was putting on some relaxation pose and asking that question? What the hell was she working at, why would she--


Just like that? Oh, how you doing? She knew, the announcement and the prize and Vanessa knew just like everyone else did. Was she mocking Kaitlyn or something still, or--

"Fucking up to... I-- I was with Alan Banks, OK? He'd told me he had this plan, and we needed a gun, and he jumped Mia and I didn't fucking know what was I was doing when he told me to stick her!"

And the words spilled out before Kaitlyn looked up again.

"I'm not some crazy killer, I'm just..."

And saw that Vanessa's look now was... ah. Funny. Who knew, maybe the girl had slept straight through the announcements or something and this was all news to her.

"Yeah. Taking a shit in the closet.

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