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i'm not upset
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Hazel's plea was met with uncomfortable glances from Jeremy. He started, stopped, looked to be thinking, looked pained, started again.

And turned away from her. Hazel's face fell and she dropped back, holding her clasped hands to her chest. Her eyes began to well up with tears. After trying everything she could think of, she'd reached out and only had her hand burned in return.

She heard something. It was Jordan. In his own uncertain way he was reaching out to them. Hazel bit her lip and walked to Jordan with her head hung low. She stopped when they were perhaps two inches apart. Her low-hung head made her appear even shorter than she was.

Hazel put her forehead against Jordan's chest and her arms snapped forward, circling around him. She sobbed into him. The noise was muffled against his body, but her shoulders shook. Her fingers gripped the boy. The tightness of their hold seemed to correspond to her shuddering.

"I'm t-t-trying," she said into Jordan's midsection.

Hazel didn't want to do this. She really wanted to try and push through until they could figure out the right course of action and she really hated the idea of being seen as a "cry baby."

"I don't know--"

In a world where suddenly no one was trustworthy, there was at least a floss thread's worth of trust binding Jordan and Hazel together. Half the width of that was Jeremey. Was this their life now? How had they even managed to make it this far? Hazel had a pair of binoculars for godsakes.

"How much longer can we hold out?"

A moment of weakness.

"Should we....find Min?"

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