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Brendan heard the gun going off. He didn't react at first as he was mourning over Bernadette's body and he knew that he had to stop crying. He couldn't act like this anymore. He just killed Bernadette and there was nothing he could do about it. Jerry and Bernadette had been taken away by him. He was the lowest of the low. He couldn't let Alba feel sorry for him. She deserved to live, he didn't.

Brendan placed Bernadette down gently and he looked at her for a few more seconds. He had to accept that he was nothing but a piece of trash. Bernadette had deserved better than this. Jerry possibly deserved better as well. And he had robbed them of their chances to survive this. He had been so selfish and tried to be the hero that he was never meant to be.

You have to accept what you are, Brendan. You're nothing but a murderer....

He got back up to his feet slowly. He wasn't crying anymore. He was too tired to continue to cry. He had to leave. Like Coleen and Arthur wanted him to. He had wanted Coleen to shoot him. He wanted to die. He hated himself for what he did and he felt sick to his stomach. But he had to see someone first. He wanted to find Jonathan and Candice. Just to make sure that they were safe.


He didn't say anything. He couldn't say anything to change Coleen and Arthur's minds about him. He just walked over to where he had dropped the grenade launcher and he gave Alba a weak smile. Was she going to follow him? He didn't know. That was her choice.

He then left.

((Brendan Harte continued in El angel exterminador ))
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