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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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"No. No, this is wrong."

Perhaps it was the possibility that Jasper's shooting could have been an accident. Or the realization that they kidnapped Al going off so little information. Maybe it was the shiteatting grin on Michael Crowe's face. Or maybe, just maybe, it was the gut-churning sensation of seeing a friend in danger. It really did not matter what reason there was. Audrey was going to put her foot down.

"This is sick! What are you even trying to prove by doing this? Do you think that spooking some poor boy who's done nothing to you is going to make anything better? Because it's not, I can tell you that much!I have no idea what the hell happened to you, or Maria, b-but it doesn't matter. Nothing, and I mean nothing, justifies this!"

At least Alvaro had enough humanity in him to put Jasper out of his misery. That did not make what he did any better, but she would have thought far less of him had he just turned tail and left Jasper to bleed out.

At least Alvaro did not dangle his victim over the side of the bell tower, like a cat dangling a mouse by its tail.

At least Alvaro did not laugh.

Of course she was scared. She was scared that Michael was going to drop Al. Audrey could imagine him doing it . The way Michael was acting, it was unnatural. Barbaric. Not sadistic, but clearly deranged. That's the thing about fear though; you can push past it, muscle through it.

Audrey knew very little of Michael Crowe, but she was pretty sure he never acted like this back at school. Michael... wasn't listening. She looked to Maria. who seemed pale in the face.

"Tell him to stop, Maria. Tell him to pull Al back. Please. You'll never get your answers if his grip slips and Al falls."
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