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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Welcome to SotF where the post order is made up and the points don't matter))

Coleen's knees audibly clicked as they tensed and straightened, heels digging into the dirt and her back pressing up against the links of the fence.

"You've... y-y-you've got to be..." she stammered, unable to finish putting her thoughts into words. They had to be kidding her. Just now, things had escalated from talking to Bernadette being pushed... and now they had all sling-shot back to, what was Brendan doing, crying over her? She took a moment to process that; in a fit of immature rage, Brendan went from shoving Bernadette, possibly even killing her, and now he was crying over her like he could somehow make things okay?

First Bradley, then Bernadette. If Bern didn't make it, that made two people who had just died in front of her. And now her best friend, practically her sister was dead too and Coleen knew she might not ever even see the body. Crying doesn't make this better. There was no option to weep and say 'I'm sorry'.

Her hands were trembling, her cheeks were feverish, but Coleen reached for the weapon that had been left near her anyway. She had never held a gun before, let alone fired one, but she babysat Ronnie and Dillon enough to know that she was looking at... well, she was either looking at an M-16 or an AK-47, most likely. Common sense told her it had a safety and she knew how to hold it, but that was about it. She didn't need to know how to aim. It wasn't her intention to shoot anybody.

Not yet.

Tucking the gun close to her chest, Coleen chomped down on her lip as she struggled to find the safety. As it turned out to be a fairly large lever near her right thumb, it didn't take long. She scrambled to her knee and lifted the weapon's stock to press against her shoulder, aiming at a small clump of dry, green weeds far from anything even remotely alive and sentient. She pulled the trigger...

It was one thing to hear a gun go off in a video game from the safety of the couch, and another thing entirely to have a live weapon spew ordinance in your arms. It was loud... very loud, loud enough that she now understood why people always wore ear protection at firing ranges on TV. Coleen wasn't expecting as much kick as she got either and immediately released the trigger, thankfully managing to hold in a shriek. The shock kicked her adrenaline up even further than watching Bern's fall, and she shook the hair out of her eyes to glare at Brendan.

"Get out of here," she spat. "Just get the hell out of here, Brendan."
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