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It was a with sense of unease that she reentered the room.

Her mind kept returning to Tessa, still outside in the rain, still watching them from out there.

And she knew exactly what she was doing and why and she hated that she was doing it.

It was wrong to be afraid of her this way? The way her mind was making her corpse some boogeyman because she didn't want to normalise it. Didn't want to acknowledge that this was real, that Tessa being dead was real, that dying was a real thing that happened.

And so she was afraid of Tessa.

She wouldn't join her. She wouldn't.


Emma's voice cut into her empty sleep, slowly bringing the world back into focus once more.

Amanda sat up, blinking at the room, trying to work out what was wrong apart from that already not-so-short list of problems that stemmed from being dropped onto an island and told to kill your classmates.

"What?" She stood up, still confused. Kaitlyn was missing?

"She's not in the backroom or anything?"

She rushed over towards the backroom herself, swinging open the door hard enough that it slammed against the wall behind it, only to find a severe lack of Kaitlyn within the room.

It was only with the announcements later that morning that things made a little more sense.

Kaitlyn was a killer. Not just any killer but apparently she was the bloody Best at it, whatever that actually meant. Kaitlyn was the one who'd killed Mia and she'd just bloody claimed that she committed suicide and she just stayed there with them and took Tessa's stuff and she just let it go because no matter how much she didn't like it, Kaitlyn just looked like she was trying to survive and what the heck was she supposed to say about that?

And she had a bomb.

Kailtyn had a bomb and it was all her fault.

She should have shot her, she should have stopped her, she should have done anything other than nothing.

But she didn't and now Kaitlyn was out there with a bomb, a gun, and whatever weapon the terrorists had decided to throw at her.

Okay, calm. She needed to do something, but not something stupid.

"Okay guys," she turned to Jaime and Emma. "We need to talk. About Kaitlyn."

She didn't want to talk so much as ramble, but that was far beside the point.
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