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Welcome to Battle Royale Mafia! It is imperative that everybody read the following rules in their entirety, because there are a few notable differences from the past few games (and also a lot of stuff that is basically the same).

Discussions of the game should take place only within this thread, unless your role PM says otherwise. I'd really prefer that you not discuss the game with members who are out but played before, who have any interest in being a replacement, or who talk a lot to other members of the game; information really can spread further and more quickly than expected and it's no fun if the game gets messed up by that. Also, the pool of potential replacements can be limited by any leaks.

Next off: roleclaims. You may not, under any circumstances, quote from your role PMs. You may claim to be a specific role, or a character, and you may, if you want, describe your role, but you must do everything entirely in your own words. Also, remember that there are 42 students in class 3-B, and 21 players in the game. There's no guarantee any specific character is or is not in play. I have pulled thematically mostly from the movie and the novel, but in slipshod fashion—a character's role may be based on any of their depictions.

Roles were assigned by feeding a list of players to Random.org. I have in the past from time to time used a measure of player assignment as part of balance. That is not the case this time around.

Note: I will be enforcing activity very strictly, as mentioned in the sign-up thread. To be considered active, each phase every player must contribute at least four meaningful posts or three meaningful posts and one vote. Failure to remain active will result in a single warning, followed by a modkill should activity not improve. A post counts as meaningful if it advances the discussion/in some way engages with the game. Your first vote of any phase automatically counts as meaningful unless you're blatantly throwing out a random vote to meet requirements; further votes will be judged on their merit (that is to say, if you're spamming random votes with no rhyme or reason, that does not count as engaging with the game, while if you're joining a wagon it probably does). Exceptions in enforcement may be made for any phase that ends notably early, at mod discretion (which is to say you won't be punished if someone gets fast-pushed two days into a phase before you're able to check in), but don't count on any leniency if you wait until the last twenty-four hours to open your mouth. You will not be held accountable for posting during any time in which you are marked as Away in the appropriate thread.

If you have to drop out of the game, please inform me ASAP. You will be held responsible for activity until a replacement can be found, so the sooner you get in gear, the better. Any role that fails to check in during the first day phase will be replaced; any other activity lapse will result in a modkill.

If you have a night action, please send it in on time. If you fail to do so, no action will be taken. I will confirm receipt of night actions as soon as I get them; if you send one and see me online and don't receive confirmation, please re-send your action right away.

As always, editing of posts is strictly prohibited. If you need to make a correction or say more, make a new post started with "EBWOP" (Edit By Way Of Post).

When you are eliminated, you may make a "Bah!" post, but you may not include any game information. No telling your allies to execute a plan, no jabs that hint at your theories about roles, etc. Your "Bah!" post should occur in the day phase/open posting period after your elimination.

When you vote for somebody, please please please make sure you do things correctly. Specifically, make sure that you use:

[color=red][b]VOTE: HANDLER NAME[/b][/color]


The most important part here is the coloring. These threads get crazy to read, and it can be quite tough for me to keep a running tally of the votes. If your vote gets missed because it's not colored and that affects the outcome of the phase, that's on you for failing to follow the formatting. You must unvote before voting. Typically, your last vote will be counted even if you don't such that you can't bait with fake votes, but again, if you fail to follow procedure properly and it leads to stuff getting messed up, that's your responsibility.

I am excluding "NO LYNCH" votes because I feel that they are totally useless. If the day phase ends without a majority vote, there will be no lynch. Voting for such simply confuses the matter, and helps hide inactivity.

Related to votes: I will be running vote summaries frequently. I'll try to do so once per day. That said, anyone in the game may request a vote summary whenever they feel one would be helpful. If you want a vote summary, PM me, and I will get one up ASAP.

Another notable digression from past games: Battle Royale mafia contains no lynchers and no jesters. Both roles cause issues and confusion come lynch time, resulting in a lot of awkward speculation and often stalling things out. Lynchers usually need to be balanced as anti-town roles and the mere possibility of jesters can have really dire anti-town effects.

Unlike in past games I've run, fluff will reveal neither the faction nor the identifying character information of the killer. The Announcements contain solely a list of the dead in-universe, so that's all you get. Please plan your gambits accordingly. Anything else added is pure narrative fluff/there to make the read more interesting, and has absolutely no bearing on roles, events during the night phase, or anything of the sort. Roleblocks, protections, etc. will not be in the write-ups, just kills.

Time will be calculated by this clock. Day phases will average seven days, and night phases will average two days. Since I can't be online at all times, I request that everyone cease discussion upon a lynch majority being reached, or upon the end of a day phase, should I happen to be unable to instantly note the end of the phase.

Night action priority is as follows:
1. Roleblocks resolved
2. Protections resolved
3. General actions resolved
4. Nightkills resolved
5. Investigations resolved

Which is to say, roleblocks stop everything and everything else goes down before nightkills except investigative results (which includes stuff like watchers; a watcher will see you nightkill someone). If a roleblocker blocks another roleblocker, the second roleblocker is prevented from completing their block and their target's action will go through. If you have any questions about this, please ask in the thread.

The list of players follows:

1. Espi
2. Backslash
3. Deamon
4. Yugikun
5. Zetsumodernista
6. VysePresident
7. dmboogie
8. decoy73
9. General Goose
10. NotAFlyingToy

Twenty-one alive means a lynch requires eleven votes.


Fogu - Toshinori Oda, One-shot Bulletproof Townie (Lynched Day One)
Kayoko Kotohiki - Riki, Hider (Killed Night One)
Shogo Kawada - Cake, Jack of all Trades (Killed Night One)
Kazushi Niida - Flare, Tracker (Killed Night One)
Brackie - Shinji Mimura, Beloved Princess (Lynched Day Two)
Kazuhiko Yamamoto - Randomness, Lover (Killed Night Two)
Takako Chigusa - Grim Wolf, Roleblocker (Killed Night Two)
Sakura Ogawa - Empress Plush, Lover (Killed Night Three)
Hiroki Sugimura - Candy, Tracker (Killed Night Three)
ToxieTheToxicAvenger - Hirono Shimizu, Miller (Lynched Day Four)
Primrosette - Mizuho Inada, Backup (Modkilled by request Day Four)

The first day phase will end at 6:00 GMT on February 3 (which is 22:00 on the 2nd my time, when I'm almost certain to be home to call time) or when a lynch is reached.

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With that taken care of, I believe that we are ready to roll. Please confirm receipt of your role in your first post; all roles were sent simultaneously so as to make sure that no information can be derived from confirmation order. All roles have been assigned, and every player has an assigned role, but there's always the possibility of a PM system hiccup causing one or more to be lost, so I want to make sure. Confirming your role counts as one of your meaningful posts, too! ;)

Thanks, and have fun!
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