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Vanessa finished her laugh alongside Kaitlyn, venting a lot of negative feelings in that comedic moment. The pain was still there, but it felt good to open the valves in a time where it didn’t seem possible. She was actually smiling, even if it was a cocky teasing smile.

Out of the people she could’ve ran into at the time, Kaitlyn wasn’t a bad pick. The two got on well enough in softball, no major fights or the like. They weren’t best friends, but that option wasn’t on the cards anymore anyway, so a buddy would suffice.

“So, what’ve you been up to?” Vanessa asked, arms folded as she took as relaxed a pose as she could still muster, as if she wasn’t concerned about talking to a girl with a kill to her name. Then again, Vanessa had been so fixated on Cameron and her killer that the rest of the announcement had been a relative blur. Her guard was down.

“Apart from taking a dump in closets, I mean.”
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