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The suitcases were a mess, a few of them scattered on the ground next to a small pile, half-opened as if to prove that each and every one of them was devoid of anything that could help them.

The feeling of emptiness, of lack seemed like it was a theme here. The island had been stripped bare, not a single object for sustanance had been left, things that felt as if they should have been there were missing, leaving behind some sort of almost liminal space, haunted by the ghosts of those who had left this place all those years ago.

Jordan could hear Hazel and Jeremy talking as he continued to look around the other side of the room, the near-whispers worrying to him for no discernible reason at all. Some sense in his head was absolutely sure that they were talking about him, but that was some clearly misplaced sense of self-worth.

But he couldn’t help but try to listen anyway.

Honestly, he was worried.

Not just about himself. Not just about Hazel too, though the tone of her voice prevented him from doing anything but, but he worried for Jeremy as well, who had been uncharacteristically distracted suddenly, and Jordan was sure that something, somewhere in those announcements had hurt him; Jeremy certainly hadn’t been like this yesterday.

He wanted to say something.

To Hazel. To Jeremy.

But he sucked at this.

Jordan knew that too often, he was sometimes just there, listening, thinking, absorbing things, and sometimes that meant it felt like no one ever acknowledged him. But yet it was so difficult to put himself out there. But that meant he never really knew what people were talking about him. If people even knew he existed, really.

But after this time, he felt like he needed to try. Not like that token 'are you okay?' he'd given in the morning because no one ever said they weren't okay unless absolutely everything was already off kilter in the first place.

"Uh, I-" His breath caught on the start of his sentence.

"Yeah, you guys are- Do you guys wanna talk? I couldn't help but overhear you and while I can't tell you guys that everything's gonna be okay, I can try and help. I guess."
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