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"Not smart"? Try "wrong". Try "evil". Ben felt incensed at how skewed this girl's priorities were, and forgot about running. His fear and nervousness were momentarily subdued, replaced instead by a spike of indignation. His face twisted into involuntary disgust. Even if she called it "sick" - hadn't she been in a fight recently? Whose blood was on that pickaxe? Hypocrite.

Once she took a step forward, however, all that righteous indignition crumbled away. He winced, his abdomen twitching, his face again reflecting his fear. He should have run. He should have. But now he couldn't. What if he...


"Let me rephrase my question, though," she advanced. "Who do you care about out here? Who do you want to find so desperately?" She smirked at him, staring into his eyes, confident and callous and evil and... Control yourself. Don't let your fear or your anger rule you.

Then she stopped smirking and looked at him coldly.

"Unless both answers are the same. Then we might have more of an issue."


"What?!" he sputtered. "No!"

Why would she think...?


Alright, it was understandable, he supposed. If he had been in her position, he would have wanted to know if any of her friends were bloodthirsty murderers too...

If he were in her position... "I would never be in her position", he countered, silently. It's because of people like her that we can't trust each other, he thought. If people like her didn't exist, we would never have to ask others if they were friends with murderers. Never have to suspect that they might turn on us. So she was worried about dangerous people? She was one, too. Her, and Kimiko, and Lili. One threatened, one murdered, one betrayed.

Threatened? Yeah. She had a weapon. She had lifted it to her shoulder and stepped towards him. She was threatening him now. He had to stop her from hurting him.

He had to find Maxim.

He had to escape the island.

And he had to go back home to his family.

But first, he had to survive. Which meant grovelling. Snivelling. Stalling. Waiting until the girl was distracted, until her back was turned, or something. Then he had to run. Or fight.

Ben was suddenly aware that he hadn't answered the girl yet.

"I want to find.. um", he said, hesitating. He couldn't say he was looking for Maxim; That might put him in danger. Yet Ben couldn't think of anyone else who might... wait. He had a thought. It was mean, and terrible, and made him feel guilty for even thinking it. Yet it also felt... just.

"I'm looking for Lili. Lili, uh, Williams. You-- You haven't seen her, have you?" His voice felt calm, with only a hint of twitchiness. He fixed his eyes on the girl, but avoided her's, hoping to hide that he was lying.
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