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“Holing up here is fine, but searching the books… no, it’d take too long. This isn’t a puzzle they want us to solve, they’re not going to leave a keycode in one of these books,” Clarice said. “Our time’s too short as it is, I don’t want to pass it so—”

Kizi’s attempt to distract her turned out to be futile, because good god did the antiseptic burn.

When Bart rubbed antiseptic on her wound Clarice let out a sharp, high-pitched whine that sounded like when her dog, Grommit, wanted her attention really badly. She recoiled, as her arm burned even worse than before. But that was… maybe a good burn. That was why cuts stung when you sterilized them, didn’t they? It was the germs dying or something.

“It’s fine!” Clarice tried to sound casual, but absolutely failed. Instead, it came out strained, barely audible because she was trying not to cry. “It’s fine! It’s… it’s a good burn, a little burning never hurt—“

It clicked.

Holy shit, was it really that simple?

Clarice stopped talking, the pain in her arm momentarily forgotten. That was it. Maybe it wouldn’t work, but it was something she could try.

...Though there was one issue. If she did, and the terrorists realised why, they’d certainly kill her. And Clarice wasn’t ready for that. Not yet. Not if she could help it. So what other reason could she have for setting that big a fire?

The burning of the antiseptic brought her attention back to the other two. Two people trying to help her.

Two people who, should she have intent to win the game, would be in her way.

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