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"No shit," Jerry lamented. It was stated a bit more calmly than his speech just a few seconds prior. His speech a few seconds prior was also curse-laden and practically shouted at Matt, so... y'know, a bit of a low hurdle to clear, that one. "I get that I don't want to run into him, so I ain't gonna go looking for him."

Jerry flicked the switchblade, half hoping that Toby's blood would come off of it. The dulling liquid stubbornly clung to the steel instead, and Jerry realized that he'd have to wash it by hand. It could wait, he decided. No sense in getting blood on his shirt or pants, and he didn't want to directly touch it, so... he guessed he'd have to swish it around in some water or something. For now, he resigned himself to merely tucking the blade away, then grasping the handle in a closed fist. He wasn't gonna put the knife in his pocket any time soon. It was his baby. His lifeline.

His heart was still beating so quickly. If he didn't look at Toby, she didn't exist. Don't think about it. Don't let the existential dread set in. DON'T LET IT SET IN.

"Welp! Let's mosey!" Jerry said, humming loudly to himself as he strode out of the cove.

((Jerry "I'm a dangerous man" Fury continued elsewhere, ya nerds.))
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