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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((I'm a few days away from inactivity and going to be reduced in activity over the next few days, so I'm skipping order))

Alba couldn't believe Bernadette was being so cruel to Brendan. Sure, Brendan did kill, but he had his reasons, and Bernadette shouldn't have written him off completely like that. She also wasn't sure how to take the idea that there was something wrong with Alba believing in him. Maybe Bernadette didn't mean it, but Alba was staying with him because she trusted him, not because she felt she had to keep him in line.

Before she could say anything, Brendan shoved Bernadette and she fell to the ground. Alba let out a short cry and walked over to Brendan.

"Whoa, hey. Let's not get physical," she said to Brendan.

Brendan was already checking Bernadette by the time she got over. From his body language and tone, it was clear something was wrong. Alba's eyes widened when Brendan pulled his hand back and saw blood on it. She held her breath and covered her mouth. Brendan started to cry and held Bernadette close to his body. Alba had always taken a few tumbles and managed to get back up, but most of the time, she had a helmet on. Bernadette wasn't so lucky.

"Bren..." Alba said, slowly reaching her free hand out.

She wasn't sure what to say next. She couldn't even put on a fake smile for him.
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