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The body didn't respond. Hannah didn't expect it to. She still couldn't tell if it was Tara's. She thought it could be her size, but she just didn't know. Junko had said Tara was burning herself, but the morning announcement hadn't said that Tara was dead. Although those terrorists could have lied. Yes, that made a ton of sense, if they lied about things, then they could create more conflict. It's what the most dangerous villains would do, especially since in the world Hannah knew, that being the work of Shakespeare, so much conflict and violence was created through not having enough information.

Hannah spun around quickly when she heard the quiet voice behind her. She couldn't help but let out a squeak of pain. Her rolled ankle hadn't appreciated her climbing the stairs up at all. Her arm flailed the board in the air in front of her as she spun around. How could she not have heard someone sneak up on her?

She recognized the boy now in front of her, Noah Whitley. He'd done some crew work for theater before, she thought. That didn't really matter to her right now, because she was on murder island, and hadn't expected him to sneak up on her.

"Jesus Noah, you," her words got faster. "Why'd you have to freakin' sneak?"
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