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Maria didn't get a chance to respond to Audrey's question as Michael started to manhandle Al and it was actually scaring the crap out of her. She thought she was losing it, but it was obvious that Michael was more unstable than her. She didn't even know how to react to the situation.

She lowered her sword to her side as she forgot that she was annoyed by Audrey and all she could do was watch the scene with Michael and Al unfold in front of her. She had to snap Michael out of it. He was going too far. He was actually scaring her a little.

"Hey, Michael, knock it-"

Al suddenly said something. Fucking finally! Maria didn't want Michael to drop him. She didn't want Al to die just yet. They could keep him alive a bit longer. They could use him as a human shield if it came to it. But....

Maria really wanted to know his reason. Just as long as it wasn't going to be a lie.

"Michael, come on. This is going too far. We-We need to calm down...." She moved closer to Michael and placed her free hand on his shoulder gently. "Al, if Michael stops doing this. Can you tell us the reason why you did what you did? And don't even think of lying to us, otherwise I will let Michael do what he wants to you."

She glanced at Al's face, trying not to feel somewhat bad for him. Shit, she couldn't feel sorry for a murderer, right?

".....Why did you kill them? Be honest with us for fuck's sake."
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