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What had they done to him, though? Alessio did not know.

He did not know if he wanted to know. He knew that he wanted to not be here anymore.

He knew that 'here' meant 'with Maria and Michael'. Audrey was a cool person to be around, given that she somehow trusted him. Mayhaps not totally, but she wouldn't treat him like Mike.

Him grabbing his jaw. Him throwing him out of the tower. Him making jokes.

He looked down the tower.

Alessio was fully awake now.

He could already imagine falling down. My god, the ground was getting closer the closer he looked. He sometimes thought what it was like to fall down a building. He empathised with people who died at the twin towers by jumping when that was a topic, and he knew that was not an experience he wanted to experience. Feeling air and then just falling on the ground to die.

Alessio did not want to talk. He'd rather die than-

No, he didn't wanna die.

"I'm scared. Please don't kill me."

How long could Michael catch him?

"I had reasons to kill. I had a reason. And I'm done- I'm done with killing."

He blended out the jokes, all he focused on was not dying.
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