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Ass in the air, Kaitlyn groaned and relaxed the grip on her bag as a couple seconds passed and it was clear Vanessa wasn't about to charge in guns blazing.

Holy Christ. Worst fucking way to die possible.

Instead she pushed up to her knees and started pulling her shorts back up. She stared dully at the door as -- of course -- Vanessa's laughter started seeping through.

"Yeah, me. Yeah laugh it up."

That just seemed to set Vanessa off even more. Or maybe the other girl wasn't even listening, what with the pointed questions and all.

"Whatever. I'm coming out!"

Kaitlyn stood there and tried to figure out the best way to do that for a sec, then nudged her bag towards the door with her foot, cracking it open. She stepped out, still pushing the bag with her foot, hands dangling but wrists twitching. Like she was mentally fighting the urge to either stick her hands in the air or dive down into her bag again. But no need for either of that Kaitlyn. Just Vanessa. All cool.

"Couldn't find a real bathroom. Like... it would've been disgusting anyway. You know?"

Katilyn stared at Vanessa. Finally she laughed herself. Not for long mind you. But good to get out.

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