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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Noah Whitley continued from The List of Adrian Messenger))

"Why would gay men prefer to have a shaved cat as a pet compared to other cats? Because they hate hairy pussies."

Noah scoffed to himself.

"No, no. That doesn't make sense. That's not even a stereotype of cat owners. Come on, you can come up with better."

Noah continued to walk towards the helipad. It had been a long, awful day. He got the shower he wanted thanks to Mother Nature, but he hadn't found anyone he wanted to find. He had checked out the dorms, and aside from finding what was clearly a body under a sheet (he didn't bother to look under it. He knew it had to be a stiff), he didn't see any of the girls. He decided to return to the shoreline and walk along it in case any of them decided to return to the area. Still nothing. He just continued along the shoreline until he reached the Supply Depot. It was an area he hadn't been before, but he figured someone could be there. After all, they had two days to move around the island. They could have stumbled across the area.

He decided to go to the helipad. The elevation would probably give him a better view of the area. He had also spent the day trying to tell jokes to himself to keep his spirits up. Aside from telling himself jokes he had heard from various movies and TV shows, he tried to come up with a few. He figured doing so would keep his mind active and keep him slightly grounded.

"Okay," he said, seeing the steps leading up the helipad nearby. "What is the difference between a velociraptor and Barney the Dinosaur? One-"

Noah froze when he noticed there was a dead body near the steps. The corpse was a complete mess of some guy Noah wasn't sure he could recognize. There wasn't a sheet over this one, so Noah had to take the sight in. The shattered legs, the stab wounds, and all that blood. Noah shook his head, then bolted up the stairs.

"Look for five minutes, then get the fuck out of here," he told himself.

Noah continued to make his way up the stairs, Sawlaska bumping into the rails. He really, really, really, really, really hoped the killer wasn't on top of the helipad. The ideal visual at the top of the helipad was one of complete emptiness and no threats present.

Of course, this wasn't an island of ideal visuals. So instead, Noah arrived at the top and noticed a girl looking at a charred pile nearby.

"Oh, fuck me," Noah muttered to himself.
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