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With Kizi dealing with the bandages, Bart looked through his first aid kit and pulled out a few antiseptic wipes to help sterilize the area. "Okay, I've got some antiseptics." He said, walking over to Clarice. "Just show me where you need it and, uh... you know..."

Bart had never dealt with anything worse than putting a bandage over a few scrapes, so he was definitely out of his depth when it came to this. Heck, the main reason he knew that he was supposed to use the antiseptic wipes is because he remembered his mom doing that for him when he was a kid. If he could just remember that, then he should probably be okay.

Then Clarice wanted to know if they were all right. The answer to that was, of course, a resounding no. However, since they were dealing with a medical emergency, Bart wasnt sure if it was appropriate to segue into talking about his own problems, even though they were pretty severe,

"I, uh..." He muttered. "I mean, you know that, um..." He kept stammering through whatever it was that he intended to say, his gaze drifting slowly towards the ground as he tried to do so. "Um... I think that we should probably take care of your arm first."
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