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((This isn't so much as a skip as it is swapping places with RC to move things along a little bit. Also GM'ing accepted from RC for Alessio.))

"Okay, okay! Everyone fuckin' relax!"

Michael couldn't believe he was the fuckin' mediator for this shit. How funny was it that he was the calmest in the room? Like for real, what in the fuck is happening?

"Cept you. You ain't got nothin' to be relaxin' about!" Michael grabbed Al's hair, shaking his head back and forth. Audrey and Maria's argument was pissing him off, but it was okay, nobody would mind if he took it out on this sick fuck for a little bit.

"Aight! Audrey, listen up, okay? I get it. You didn't experience even a tenth of the shit we did, that's okay! You don't get it, nothin' wrong with that; BUT Al most certainly does deserve this shit. It's a funny thing you mention askin' him. We did just that yesterday."

Michael wrapped his arms around Al's head. His hands wrapped around Alessio's jaw and cheeks. Michael started opening and closing his mouth like a macabre Kermit. Michael's already high pitched voice warped into an even more grating caricature fusion of Lemon Grab, Tommy Wiseau and Bobcat Goldwaith.

"Hnnnnnnggg! I deed nawt keel anywon Michael CrooOoweeeE! Heurr-durr!, I did naaaaaht! I am tooooooOOOoOOootaaaaAAaAaaallly innocent! 'Dis is just ketchup on my hoodie, nyeh-hurnnnnn~"

Michael let go of Al's head, and watched him fall back down with a comical thump.

"Little bastard lied right to our face, right? We'da got him talkin' earlier, but Alvaro fucked it all up like the shitbag he is. Murderer savin' another one, fancy that... Hell, to start from the beginning, he walked in scarin' the shit out of the Hot Topic crew, and I had to go in to save 'em all, the ungrateful fucks. Back then he had a pickaxe. When me and Maria found him again, he had traded his pickaxe off for a toy gun, and a lot more blood. Motherfucker outright lied to us. He says he didn't do shit, covered in all that blood!"

Michael took the blood stained hoodie and tossed it at Audrey's feet.

"That ain't his."

He looked towards Al. He looked towards the outer edge of the bell tower. He looked back at Al.

"Speakin' a him..."

He grabbed Al by the collar of his straight jacket, hoisting him up on his feet.

He stopped and looked towards Audrey.

"Maria was a... well I'll admit, she was a bit aggressive towards you. No offense, Maria, but you were a real 'see-you-next-tuesday'! Aheheh! But listen to me Audrey, she is kinda right, very much so in fact, even if it was blunt as all hell. Don't try and stop us. We already had to deal with Alvaro's shit; 's why this little piddlefuck got away the first time. Ain't happenin' again..."

What in the hell was a piddlefuck?

"Lil' mofo didn't wanna talk then? Well, he's talkin' now!"

He stopped at the edge, his gaze fixated right on Alessio's eyes.

"I'ma make you a deal, okay?"

He brought his face in close. He paused for dramatic effect.

"When I toss you over, if ya' can fly, we won't hunt you down, okay!?"

That's it. Use a Sopranos quote. Nobody back home would notice too much would they?

He shoved Al over the edge, his hands still hanging onto the straight jacket.

Alessio was now dangling upside down from the bell tower, curled up in what is most likely an uncomfortable position.

"How's the view you shit?! Makin' you wanna talk now, eh? Start talkin' an' maybe I'll let you go, ehehehehehehe!"

Michael raised his left hand, now the only thing keeping Al on the barrier was his own two legs, and Michael's right arm.

"What's wrong Al?! Don't wanna hang out with us anymore?! What? You ain't the type of gettin' high?! Well hang in there, buddy! After all! You aaaallllwaaays had yer' head in the clouds, right?!"

He shook his arm back and forth, Al started swaying left and right.

"This is my baaaad hand Al! Y'know, the one you took a big fuckin' chomp outta? Best start talkin', or I might jus' drop this conversation! AaaaAahaahahehehaaah!"

Aaand this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you interrogate someone! No pointy things needed.
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