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He wasn't going to kill him. Matt's fake smile nearly transformed into a real one when it became clear that no, Jerry WASN'T going to stab him to death. Apparently he could figure it out that needlessly killing people wasn't the right thing to do. He was going to live, thank fuck.

"Okay, uh.. yeah, yeah, we really need to get out of here. I, think we should go to the asylum, or, uh, something. It's big. Really hard to find someone in there, I guess.. uh.."

Matt was trying his best to bullshit a plan. He had to convince Jerry he was worth keeping around.

"Listen, uh.. I, don't think you need to find Trav. He's, he's probably going to kill you. I'm not joking, he's gonna try and kill you.. uh."

Jerry was explaining, poorly, why he didn't like people who were 'playing hero'. He didn't know what that mean, really, but he could sort of guess. Someone who wasn't going to win.

"Yeah, yeah. I saw it. She.. ah, fuck. Let's just get out of here."
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