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"The library," Lili breathed, watching Darius storm off, "My own stuff, Darius' bag, and one other girl's things should be in the library if nobody's taken them or moved them. Just some more general supplies, but that's always welcome, right?"

Darius' departure didn't shake her in the slightest. Some lower part of her was glad that he was gone, while another voice called for her to attempt to mend the situation. This second voice she drowned out quickly. Lili had never been the type to play the role of peacekeeper, and now wasn't going to be the time that she started. Besides, she was openly planning to go and take his things. It'd be a big crutch in the coming days as Lili attempted to figure out what it was she intended to do with herself in Spiderland.

The name she came up with sounded like an amusement park. Something cheesy and Halloween themed. She'd never been on a roller coaster before, but she imagined that the alleged 'thrill' was really just an upset stomach.

"Your name isn't really Hatsune, I'm guessing," she said, turning and watching as Johnny came closer. Her blue hair looked a bit like Asuka's, the more she thought about it. If there was one person she wanted to meet with, it was Asuka. A good friend would be great comfort, especially this late into their stay. If it weren't for her body disposal detour, Lili would've probably died of boredom without a good talking partner. This whole time, she'd been in search of someone she knew, even if she had abandoned one such person. That calling she felt had led her to Darius. Looking back, holding back on that impulse, that need to move forward for the sake of having somewhere to move, would've saved her a lot of trouble.

Silently, she prayed that Darius would find safety, and pushed him out of her mind.
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