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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Yeah, no. I get that. We're not GONNA stay here. First we gotta figure out what to do about Noodz, and, uh..."

Jerry was drawing a blank. Shit, what even was their plan right now? It was finding Trav, right? Yeah, that wasn't happening... Toby wasn't moving around any time soon and by all measures was looking pretty cadaveriffic. If she was, indeed, dead, Trav might find out about it and then it'd be all over. Running into that guy was basically just asking for the fight of a lifetime. And he'd probably cheat to win again because, of course, that's just what stupid Trav does.

But that's fine, because Trav wasn't going to find out, right? Not like there's some sort of announcement system to tells you exactly who killed who.


"Fuck. Fuck. FUCK." Jerry started repeating. "Trav's gonna kill me. I kiddled... I killed Noodle, and how-NOW, now he's gonna- FUCK! I can't talk!" Jerry kicked at the dirt, some of the clods of wet soil getting all over Toby's shoes without him really meaning to do it. "We need to move. Like, right the fuck now. I'm gonna be a target and I bet there's at least one fucking person in this hellhole playing hero, being all 'wah you killed somebody, now I'm gonna kill you like that makes it right!' Like that makes any sense," Jerry snapped.

"But you saw it, right, Matt? She attacked ME. She started hitting me for no fucking reason!"
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