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“It’s fine, it’s… not fresh, just… think I tore it.” Clarice gritted her teeth after shifting made it hurt all the more. “Fucking Nancy, why is it always...”

She trailed off. Maybe not the best time to bring up Nancy, after what just happened. Kizi and Bart must be… Oh, Bart was there. Okay, she might have lost track, that’s all. It was probably all the damn itching.

“Just… need help re-bandaging it. Maybe, uh… just stop the bleeding best you can? I can’t really… don’t have full dexterity.”

She rested the back of her head against the bookshelf, eyes shutting briefly.

“Uh… are you… are you two alright? I mean, no, you’re not, but… you know,” Clarice finished awkwardly. Just because she’d experienced grief by now, it didn’t give her the knowledge on how to deal with it in other people.
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