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The lone building stands in the middle of an expanse of grass, the sky stuck eternally in sunset. The red of the sky is bright, but not blinding, and almost appears to guide those that find themselves in this place to the aforementioned building.

The structure itself is reminiscent of a luxury hotel, or even a resort, and a grand entrance invites guests into a rather spacious lobby.

Inside the building, it's clear that the building is much larger on the inside than it is on the outside. Every conceivable facility has been set up in the building, and yet oddly none of the services are more than a short hallway or a set of stairs away. Various employees run said services, and all of them are so inconspicuous as to be invisible. On the third floor there are rooms, 107 in total, which each contain a bed, a sofa, and even a personal TV.

The bar on the first floor is staffed by probably the only noteworthy person in the entire building. She is a young-looking woman, no older than 30, surely. Behind her, a rack that stretches the entire wall, stocked with every conceivable drink and food item imaginable... somehow.

Opposite the bar there is a game room, with various pool tables, arcade machines, and even couches arranged in semi-circles around small setups for those that fancy themselves console gamers. On the far wall, there are 107 monitors arranged in as close to a rectangle as possible (107 is a prime number, after all). Each of those monitors show the time of each of the victims of the sixth version of Survival of the Fittest. In front of the TVs there are more couches so that those wishing to see the fates of friends, siblings, or enemies can do so comfortably.

When those poor souls inevitably arrive, not a trace of their time on the island visible anywhere on their bodies, the resort will be ready to welcome them. To keep them entertained, to let them rest and recuperate, and to let them make peace with others... or themselves... until the end after the end beckons them.

They will go on their own terms, but everyone chooses to leave... eventually.

((OOC: V6 Afterlife thread is this thread. No posting order here, no sir.))
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