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((Bart Cappotelli continued from If It Bleeds, It Leads))

Even after they made it to the library, Bart still felt like a complete wreck. Not only was he tired, thirsty, and hungry, but the image of Jennifer's death was still burned in his mind. He had been unable to get a decent rest the night before, and what little sleep he did get was plagued with recurring nightmares. As a result, he felt like he was dead on his feet.

Despite this, he managed to drag himself onward. Even though he felt as though it was taking all of his energy to keep up, he desperately wanted to remain with the girls. He had a feeling that he didn't really add much to the group dynamic, but he was terrified at the idea of being left alone on the island with no one around to help him out in the very real possibility that he winds up in a tight spot.

He collapsed on the ground next to Kizi, letting his bag his the floor at his side. He didn't feel like mustering the strength raise his head, so he just looked somberly at the ground. That slouch lasted until he heard Clarice speak up, notifying the two that she had been hurt.

Bart felt like a needle had just gone through his heart, and he thought he could feel his hair standing on end. they had just lost Jennifer, and he didn't want to think about losing either of the others so soon. He was pretty sure that he couldn't take it if he saw another one of them die. He was already barely keeping it together after seeing one death.

Bart tenderly picked himself off the ground alongside Kizi, bringing out his first aid kit as she did. "Yeah, uh... just keep calm. You're gonna be all right." His voice was very audibly shaking, just like the kit in his hands. It sounded less like he was trying to comfort Clarice and more like he wanted to reassure himself, which may have been somewhat true.

"... Please."
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