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A moment to breathe.

Isabel's attack had caused Asha to disengage, she had a chance to think for a moment, even through the searing pain present in most of her body.

Another crossbow bolt embedded in her flesh would almost certainly let Asha kill her. She needed to make sure she didn't get hit again.

Shuffling sideways, blood dripping down her face and body, Isabel strafed around Asha as she mirrored Isabel's own movements. Breathing heavily from the pain, the exhaustion, the adrenaline, Isabel had put her target in between herself and her ranged attacker. She had the edge now, all she had to do-

Isabel as squealed in pain as Asha cut into her right breast with a well timed swipe.

She retaliated shortly after, and her sickle got another taste of Asha's blood.
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