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Bryony’s heart sank as Nadia rifled off the people she’d met so far, realising that none of them were going to be people she was searching for. It wasn’t as though the information was unhelpful; far from it, because it gave her a list of people to avoid at any cost, although she’d never really talked to Will before all of this anyway, and Jerry had always intimidated her with… everything he did. But she desperately wanted, no, needed to find Alba again, and from there, find Alice and Sandra and anyone else she cared about that had ended up on the trip.

She didn’t have any grandiose plan. No ploy to remove their collars and to escape the island. She was surviving on her own; barely surviving, true, but keeping just your head above water stopped you from drowning. But the longer she went without finding them, the higher the chance the announcements would blare and their names would be called and all Bryony would have had would have been a distant memory, and she would slip underneath the waves again.

Bryony stayed quiet again, letting Bridgette carry on with the talking part of things. It was apparent, though, that Bridgette didn’t have a clue about any facet of Alba; that would be up to Bryony to talk about. She was about to open her mouth and speak, when something caught Bridgette’s attention. There was space under the bridge, apparently, and a path to reach it as well. Bryony’s brow furrowed as Bridgette motioned to go and check it out. It might be handy to know the place was there, but it wasn’t as though there was a lack of shelter across the rest of the island. More importantly; why would they need to bunker down under the bridge? It was raining, but it wasn’t a typhoon. They’d already rested for the night. Resting wasn’t finding her friends.

But before Bryony could say anything, both Bridgette and Nadia had had a brief discussion and Bridgette was already heading down under the bridge and Bryony was already feeling guilty and selfish for her previous thoughts. Bridgette was just going to check the place out, after all. She wasn’t going to demand they fortify up there and wait to see who passed them by. If anything, the worst part about her plan was that it was unlikely there were any safety precautions under the bridge, and with the rain it was almost certainly even more slippery and dangerous…

“Be careful,” Bryony blurted out at Bridgette, the other girl almost out of sight already. She waited until Bridgette had disappeared entirely, before turning back to Nadia.


A raindrop slid down Bryony’s nose and splashed onto the ground. She pulled her hood up over her head, and the sound of the rain became muffled. It was a pleasant rainfall, the type of shower that you wouldn’t mind walking through but would be even more calming and peaceful to sit at home and listen to. Bryony thought that if she closed her eyes, she could easily imagine she was doing just that. Tucked up warm in bed, DS in her hands with the volume turned low, listening to the muffled sound of the rain hitting the window and falling to the ground.

“Alba… um, Alba Reyes is the girl we’re, um, looking for. She’s a junior, I, um, think, she’s got brown hair in a ponytail, and, um, she was wearing a green t-shirt…”

Maybe later, when she had found everyone again and they had found somewhere to rest the night, she could actually do that, minus the DS. But for now, there were much more important things to be putting her mind towards.

“Um… I’m also looking for, um-“

Someone was calling out her name. At least, that was what Bryony thought she had heard. She lowered her hood, moving to the side to get a better look at the figure in the rain.

Then she heard her name again, and she recognised the voice, and she started running towards Alice, because somehow, some miracle had caused them to find each other and Bryony just felt so lucky as her feet splashed through puddles, and she saw Sandra following behind Alice as well, and she didn’t know what she’d done to deserve this stroke of fortune but she wasn’t going to complain about it.

Then Alice pulled up short, and Bryony slowed to a jog.

Then Alice screamed, and Bryony started running again because something had turned this stroke of luck into fool’s gold.

Bryony reached her two friends and stared down under the bridge, in the direction Alice was looking at. There were two bodies there, both coated in crimson, one of them standing, the other a crumpled, formless heap.

The standing one wasn’t Bridgette.

“Bridgette?” Bryony called out, voice shaky and ethereal. Quiet, at first.


Then devastatingly loud.


"bryony and alba would definitely join the terrorists quote me on this put this quote in signatures put it in history books" - Cicada Days, 2017
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