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"Y-yeah. We should."

Penelope looked out one of the tiny windows near the exit. The sky was gray, and rain spattered against the glass, the pitter pattering of the rain would almost be soothing if they weren't trapped in a death game. Silence echoed through the halls as they stopped near the gates leading out of the area. Penelope broke the silence. "I don't really know everyone who went on the trip either. I know most of the juniors, but I barely know any seniors outside the few I've become friends with. It... makes me feel horrible, really. I hear names that I don't recognize on the announcements and I just don't feel the same hurt in my heart as I do for the ones I do know."

Penelope shook her head, her eyes downcast. "I know that kind of feeling is unavoidable, though. We as creatures of blood and bone are flawed, and caring too much about people you don't directly know would hamper our ability to survive, so we just... can't."

She let out a small chuckle, remembering the jokes that the others in the robotics club used to make. "It's why we all need to abandon flesh and embrace metal. Robots are superior!"

Penelope looked at Ben and made a small smile, before turning her gaze back towards the ground. "Joking, of course. Or at least... half joking."

Silence once again followed as Penelope searched for words. "Let's just... get out of here, collect some rainwater, try and find others."

Penelope took hold of Ben's good hand with both of her hands, before raising his hand up to chest level. "But, before we do... I wanted to say that like... I'm really not sure what's going to happen next, or especially if I even believe we'll even succeed in this crazy mission of ours..."

Penelope glanced back up at Ben, her energy returning. "...But, that just means we'll have to believe in the world who believes in us. Together."

After a short moment of silence, Penelope quickly hugged Ben before he had a chance to stop her, holding the hug for several moments, before she let go and smiled at him once again. "Let's rock."

((Penelope Fitzgerald continued in See The Needy Greedy Me We Bleed To Feed So Easily))
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