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Noah smiled as Scout gave her plans for the day. She was likely to move along. Part of Noah felt sad, knowing this was possibly the last time he'd see his junior. She had been kind and hospitable when she didn't have to, and he would appreciate that for the rest of his time on the island. He'd have to pray for her safety along with his prayers for finding his friends and for rescue.

I'm planning to kill people.

Noah kept a smile on his face, but his mouth fell open slightly. He certainly wasn't expecting to hear that.

Not just anyone. Just, whoever might be considered a threat. I just... figured you should know. In case I come with you.

Noah closed his mouth and nodded. Four days into this mess, and moral alignments were probably shifting moment by moment. Everyone probably had someone they wanted to kill now. Even Noah had to admit he would probably kill Nancy if he ran into her again. He didn't want to say that out loud or even think that, but he knew there was that possibility.

"Well, as long as they really are threats," Noah said. "Just be careful with who you deem a threat. You know, just so you're not dealing with that Nietzsche he-who-fights-monsters b.s."

Noah adjusted his bag and walked towards the door to the cabin. He opened the door, taking in the sight of the morning rain. He turned back to Scout one last time.

"If you do come along, you're welcome to. If not, then I wish you the best of luck."

Noah stepped out the door, closing it with his free hand. Before he did, he paused, then opened it and peered back in. He wasn't going to let this be so maudlin if this was the last time he was to see Scout.

"Oh, and one more thing," he said to Scout. "Just something to leave for you to remember me by."

He smiled.

"How is a banana like a penis?"


"They're both better peeled back."

Noah chuckled, then stepped outside and made his way to the forest. He wasn't sure why he told her that joke, but he figured it would be something to help her get in the right mood after losing a friend and declaring her intent to fight back. After all, it was something he needed to get back into the right mood as well. His friends were missing and dangerous people were roaming the island. He needed to be in a good mood.

((Noah Whitley continued in Act II, Scene I))
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