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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Scout smiled again. It came a lot more easily than the first one from the other night.

Noah was going out. She should have expected this. Noah wasn't like Scout; no way was an extrovert like him going to stay cooped up in the cabin. Noah's logic was poor but she could not come up with a way to refute it. They really were not going to find a working shower on this island.

He also asked what Scout was planning to do. She had to sit on that one.

"I don't know," Scout said. "I might leave. Need to keep myself moving. Don't want to get complacent, y'know?"

The buzz of the rain from outside made Scout's head numb slightly.

"I'm planning to kill people." There was a pregnant pause. "Not just anyone. Just, whoever might be considered a threat."

She swallowed, glanced out the nearby window. Of course there was nothing to see out the window. Oh. Right. The fog. Christ. Scout was losing it. Rubbing at her eyes, Scout continued.

"I just... figured you should know. In case I come with you."
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