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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Audrey's eyes met Alessio. He was coughing and sputtering. Perhaps if he hadn't killed a bunch of people Audrey might have felt pity. She... She really did not want to see Al like that. Al was always good to her. He was a killer, sure, but it was pretty obvious to her that they did not give Alessio much of a choice, coming up here.

She sighed. Okay, compartmentalize. Audrey did not know either Maria or Michael, but she knew Alessio.

"... So you're playing judge, jury and executioner."

One step forward. Her nunchaku was tucked into one of the pockets of her hoodie but they were as good as useless. Audrey pointed towards Alessio.

"Did you even bother to ask him?" Audrey asked. She took another step forward. "Ask him why he killed? Or did you just 'forget' to ask before you knocked him out?" She wagged a finger at Michael. "And don't act dumb; I was here. She was stepping on him before you opened that bottle of water. He was out cold!"

What if Alessio acted in self-defense? What if the terrorists were being hyperbolic, stretching the truth in order to encourage everyone? Because she just could not imagine Alessio as a 'monster'. True, she never thought Alvaro could kill anyone. But Al wasn't like Alvaro.

She was deluding herself.

Audrey glared back at Maria.

"... Or what? You'll kill me?"
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