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Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Why was he coming closer? He had to get out of here. Maybe not right now, but later, when he could get out of here. Jerry was right. He was faster, definitely stronger.. he wasn't acting rationally. He hadn't acted rationally a day in his god damn life, but here Matt was and he was paying for it. He had to convince Jerry. Make him think that he was useful or not worth killing or something that would just let him make it through the hour. Let him get somewhere and think about what to do.

The weather was nice, really. Not too hot. Not too cold. He was sweating, regardless of the temperature. One stab, that was all it took. Hearing Jerry's words, Matt stopped backing away. He straightened up and looked Jerry in the eye, desperately trying to seem like he wasn't terrified.

"Okay, okay. I'm chill, Jerry. Just, uh.. what.. are we gonna do now?" He eyed Toby's corpse for a few fleeting seconds. We. Good choice of words, he thought, try and make it sound like they were working together.

"I mean, uh.. can't stay here, right? We're all, uh.. fuck, you know. Out in the open?" Matt smiled. It was so fake it hurt. His legs shook with fear. He didn't have anyone to stand in between him and one of Cochise's best and brightest. Not now.
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