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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Chill out?"

Jerry took a step forward. He could practically feel those flames fanning behind him. No way left but forward. Shit, now it was nothing but melodramatic talks into cameras and waxing philosophy and waving around a blade while screaming like a maniac. Oh well. Take the good with the bad, right? For instance, the good: Matt was backing away from him. That made Jerry feel powerful, like he was now a graduate in Baby's First Kill school and was ready to join the others on the big-boy swing set.

Significantly fewer swings, but more stabbing to go around.

"I don't need to chill out, I'm calm!" Jerry said less-than-calmly. "You need to chill out! Why you backin' up, Matt? You gonna run?" Jerry asked, tilting his head. "I wouldn't run if I were you. You know I run basically, like... every day, right? To and from school. Every. Goddamn. Day."

His hand was shaking.
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