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((Dorothy arrived from somewhere she'd rather not think about.))

It was a first.

For once, she wasn't having a nightmare or a weird dream. Her mind was somewhere peaceful, somewhere were there was no hurt and no evil. She was on a cloud looking at a city from above, the building's lights lit up the scenery, making it festive and beautiful as the snow twirled around them and spreading the snowflakes around on the ants below her.

Is that how it felt to be flying? To be free? Was it how the birds saw her as she trecked around the island with her friends, meeting corpses and killers? She wish she could grow wings and fly far away, somewhere safe and somewhere peaceful. She wasn't blessed with that genetic abnormality, however. If she did though, chances are her parents would have her put down or something. Evolution was a weird thing but she enjoyed it, always made her think of funky stuff that could happen.

If she were to make it out, would her babies grow anti-collar neck? Would they grow something to defend themselves if they were put there like their mother? That'd be super, super weird, and really cool.

A sharp pain from her rib cage stirred the clouds away, making her fall straight to the ground. The haze around her slowly left her body and she was able to open her eyes. She was still where she was sleeping, somewhere that wasn't safe nor peaceful. She took control of her body when her survival instinct stroke her.

First, the pain. It was from her rib cage. It didn't feel like it was broken or pierced. It wasn't bleeding either. Now the source, she saw a shadow crawling away from her. From the sound it made and how it moved, it was either Jae and his leg or if Asha hid an injury. The latter wasn't really a possibility. She maybe was a bit nihilistic but not a machoschist.

She helped herself up, using the bed beside her as a prop. She heard Jae screaming Asha's name. Oh no.

Oh no, oh no, oh no, ohno ohno oh no o h n o o h n o o h n o o h n o o h n o ohnoohnoohnohnoohnoohnoo

It wasn't happening, whatever happened, it wasn't happening. She must have tripped on something or slipped or something dumb and benigh. Dot had to be sure she was fine, and she was fine. She was okay, she couldn't be hurt. It won't happen before Dorothy died. When she'd die, Asha could die. Dorothy needed her, she needed her alive and well. She needed her, she needed her support, she needed her love, she needed her friendship, she needed her help, she needed everything she was.

If she were to die, what would happen to Dorothy?

Nothing. She'd be nothing. She'd be hollow, worthless, ugly, disgusting, trash, lonely, everything that made her worthless and stupid and dumb. She needed her alive, she needed her friend. Asha couldn't leave her like that. Dot would die before then Asha would die so like that, they'd both be fine together.

So it was a relief when she saw Asha, alive, crouching over something.

Alive and fine.

Then why everything felt so wrong? So horribly, disgustingly wrong?
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