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Matt was starting to notice how fast his heart was beating. He could guess why. Toby was dead. Jerry was starting to sound angry. Angry at him, for reasons he didn't really care to figure out - again, he would never know what went on in Jerry Fury's head. He'd never know and he'd never care. What he did care about, of course, was dissuading Jerry from making this into a double murder.

Matt, slowly, started backing away. He was trying to put as much space between him and Jerry as possible. Jerry was physically fit. Faster than him, stronger than him. There was no way he was going to win this fight if it came to that.

So, like always, he would run away.

"Okay, uh.. just, just.." He was stumbling over his words. He had no fucking idea how to tell Jerry 'don't stab me' in a way that didn't sound accusative.

"Just chill out, okay?"
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