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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Oh. Ooooh.

Oooooohhh noooooo.

Noodle went down like a sack of bricks, which was more or less the intended effect. But this? This was only slightly more dire than he had been expecting. Throwing out the switchblade and thrusting it forward was a snap decision, one to preserve the state of his face which still ached, blood pooling in Jerry's cheek. He didn't have time to think about the outcome, but he half-expected this to turn out more like Monty Python's black knight and less like West Side Story. He took a half-step back, the loaf of bread tumbling from the crook of his arm and landing on the ground.

It had only taken a few seconds for Noodle to be reduced to lying on one side, mouth slightly agape, eyes drooping but never closing, sides not heaving or raising. All that was missing was the poorly rendered circle of blood to tell Jerry that his enemy was totally dead and not getting back up in order to bite his foot as he attempted to walk past.

He killed Noodle. Noodz was fucking dead. Jerry looked down at the switchblade and saw less blood than he expected clinging to it. 'Probably because it's stainless steel,' thought the words forcing themselves through his mind, a nervous laugh hiccoughing out from his own tasteless joke. There was no time to process exactly what he had done with Matt right there, looking at him with that accusing face, trying to give him orders. He was standing on a bridge. It was a bridge to Assholeville, and it was set in fire behind him.

Jerry motherfuckin' Fury wasn't about to step backwards.

"The fuck? You trying to tell me what to do?" Jerry started asking even before he ever pulled his eyes away from the knife, away from the dead body on the ground.

"Telling ME to put this away? Last time I checked, I had the weapon! Want me to put this down? Make me!" Jerry's breath raised up to panic levels, gripping the switchblade's handle until his fist felt cold.
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