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Nate felt that brief moment of rising hope when Asuka started to say that it wasn’t his fault. He wouldn’t have agreed with her, because of course everything was his fault, but external reassurance had always meant a lot to him. So when Asuka cut herself off, he dipped right back down under that faint disappointment.

Solidarity in how useless they all were felt just a bit better, but Nate still couldn’t agree. Even if everyone else was dying, and their friends were getting killed, and there were people out there feeling as bad as Alvaro and doing worse, he still knew that he was the most useless. Asuka could give a good effort, but it couldn’t change facts.

He peaked his head at her direction to follow, nodded, and did so. It probably wouldn’t help, but it beat standing in there forever waiting for Alvaro to show back up and kill them both.

He gulped at the thought of that and checked four times as they left the room to make sure Alvaro wasn't standing behind them with his gun. He walked along Asuka whilst still checking behind themselves every few steps, heading away from the scene of his betrayal and towards whatever she was going to show him to try and lift his spirits.

((Asuka Takahara and Nate Turner continued in The List of Adrian Messenger.))
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