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Can you hear me?
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“Oh, those two?”

Junko raked through her memory, frowning. There was Darius, who was, again, a douche. There was Jasmine Reed, who killed someone. There was Jasper, who sobbed that they should just “get along”. There was an eerily quiet Leslie. There was Tara, who was so odd Junko had no idea where to start. So…

“Nah. Haven’t seen Irene or Olivia.”

She knew them, though. Irene was another skater type, and she was alright. Cool, even. Olivia, wasn’t she a robotics club person and kind of jittery? Okay, some frame of reference, there.

“I also saw Tara Behzad acting weird and burning herself, though, if that means anything?

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