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The sword and sickle were on the ground.

Lily could take them. One of them. Finish the job she should have completed last night. Make up for what she’d let happen. Just in case this girl, Asha, couldn’t do it herself. She was in a good position for it.

But Isabel had just said what happened to the last person who touched her weapons.

So Lily moved back, pressing her back to the wall and trying to hide as best she could in an empty hallway. She watched. She waited to see if Asha could do what four—five, if Lily counted herself—other people couldn’t. She hoped Asha could. But she could see from how the knife froze that Asha didn’t have it in her.

So despite the inherent stupidity in such a thing, Lily shut her eyes, covered her ears and did her best to block out what she knew would come.
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