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"Let me be clear with you. I'm going to win this. Even if I have to personally kill every single other person on this island."

Poor, innocent Isabel. Asha couldn't think of a single possible reason that Danny would feel threatened by a girl who had said that just hours before she wound up killing him. A girl who had been fucking disappointed that she hadn't made the monsters happy enough to deserve a "best kill" award.

Why had he been trying to get that halberd away from you, Iz? It couldn't have been your fault at all, right? You hadn't been threatening with him or anything, not at all. Who would have guessed that Danny fucking Brooks had secretly been a bloodthirsty, paranoid wreck this entire time? What else would cause him to decide that maybe you and pointy objects weren't a winning combination? It was just an accident that he ran into the blade you'd been pointing at his heart. Several times. What a clumsy, clumsy boy.

Oh, Asha remembered Danya's informal obituary for Danny in full crime-scene clarity. How could she ever forget being informed that one of her best friends had been stabbed quote-and-quote a lot, repeated for emphasis? Sure, Danya was a murderous bastard; but if he was a liar, the whole premise behind his lovely game would be ruined from the start.

In the end, Asha was willing to believe that Iz hadn't originally intended to kill Danny. Hell, she was even willing to believe that the first stab had been an accident. None of that justified the blows that followed it. "In for a penny, in for a pound" didn't exactly apply when you were talking about the number of new holes you were violently introducing to another human's body.

Even then, Asha would have been willing to believe that Iz had enough humanity left in her to genuinely regret the murder. Sadly, the fact that she blatantly lied about it made it pretty clear that any regret she felt was only that it made things awkward when she ran into someone who might actually be a threat to her. Asha knew that if she had been empty-handed, she and her friends would be having a pretty bad case of the dead right then.

And even then, while she was trying to convince Asha that she deserved any scrap of sympathy, she still miraculously found the time to throw in a little bit of guilt-tripping, too. "Oh, you would never believe me, and I can't see any possible reason for that except you having some inexplicable grudge against me."

Oh, how she hated serial killer tears.

After she dismissed Iz, she turned around to look at Dot's sleeping, peaceful face; absentmindedly hoping she wasn't having another nightmare. Asha knew she wasn't going to be around forever. She knew that sooner or later, one of the many murderers she fearlessly smiled at would take a bite out of her.

Asha knew that Iz could hold one hell of a grudge, even against the dead. She knew how she had looked at Dot, the first time they met. She knew there was an easy way to make the island a safer place for Dot, if only just a little. A safer place for anyone on the island who didn't deserve their last moments to be filled with agonizing pain and a Cheshire grin.

She knew that she couldn't think too hard about what she was doing. It'd be over with soon. No reason to bother the others.

Out into the hallway, then. Quietly. Taser in one hand. Knife in the other. Tiptoe towards the monster. Thank ballet for keeping you light on your feet. Shoot her in the back. As she falls, throw your now-useless taser at her friend, to keep her off your back for a few seconds. Feel a bit bad about it, but know that any concern is misplaced for someone who willingly traveled with Iz. Kneel down over her seizing body. Hold your knife firmly with both hands. Plunge it down into her brain over and over over again to make sure that it'd be over with quickly, to make sure that there would be nothing left that could feel, to make sure that it'd be quick, to make sure that she was better than Isabel, even when she was murdering-

Asha's shaking hands froze, unbloodied knife still hovering over Iz's head.

What the fuck was she doing?
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