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Matt couldn't move. He desperately wanted to, but he couldn't. Fear rooted him to the ground, keeping his eyes darting between Toby, Jerry and the knife. He just saw someone die - he didn't feel like doing much. Not puking, crying, moving.. maybe if he stood still long enough, Jerry would go away. He'd put away the knife he used to kill Toby and just walk off somewhere to go do whatever it was Jerry Fury did when he was alone. Matt didn't know what went on in Jerry's head. He never would, and that frankly made him feel fine.

He did know that Jerry didn't think twice about pulling a knife out and stabbing a friend of his with it. Maybe he wasn't thinking and that was it. He wasn't thinking. When most people aren't thinking, they miss a left turn or forget to feed the dog or something pointless and negligible like that. They don't kill someone. If they do, they don't kill someone they were friends with.

Matt took a step back.

His voice was low - quiet, shaky. Like he didn't know what to say.

He didn't. He had no idea what to say to this.

"Jerry." That's all he said. Jerry, staring at the object of interest. He had to make sure. Make sure that he wasn't going to kill him. A week ago, he wouldn't have pictured himself having to do any of this, but he guessed that today and the preceding days had been a day of firsts. First day he saw a dead body. First day someone ever threatened to kill him. First day he saw someone die - today.

"Put the knife away."
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